Telling stories with a point.

A strategic content and communications professional based in Manchester, UK.

Summer, 2020.

Creative thinking.

My background has been creative. From early on I’ve been involved with music, from picking up my first instrument while young, to learning to sight read music across a number of instruments. Gradually, I moved towards more visual arts, from musical theatre, gradually towards photography. This process has taken place over the course of 15 years.

Having the creative history is really important to what I do. It’s given me a lot of experience at looking at things a different way. Through photography and performing arts, I’ve gotten used to looking at the detail, picking out what’s important and bringing that to life.

From my time as a photographer, I’ve spent plenty of time sat in front of my computer editing for hours on end. You’ll be able to see where my attention to detail comes from through my website. What I’ve learned while doing this is that there’s a time for that and a time for a more agile approach.

Passion for the process.

I believe in an audit trail, doing things the right way and ultimately, getting it right when it matters. By setting up a good process for work, you enable yourself to achieve at a higher potential. For that reason, I take pride in a strategic and methodic approach to my work.

Commitment to results.

You and your client are a team. The only thing that matters at the end of the day is the results. It can be to complete a branding exercise to a creative brief, capture a certain type of image for publicity, or to make an optimisation to a PPC advert to increase a metric by the highest % possible. I use the best tools available to me to work for the best possible results and maintain an honest approach throughout.

Dancer leap

I maintain an attitude of surrounding myself with driven people, and work with them to achieve our collective goals. I bring an attitude of friendly determination to teams I work within, willing to be in the trenches as long as needed to get the job done.



Working in software has developed my understanding of technologies like html, CSS, markdown, git and improved my use of commandline.


I’ve developed competence with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for image development. When it comes to publishing on social, I’m very familiar scheduling and I’m comfortable with a variety of CMS.

and CRM.

I’ve had experience working with a number of CRMs and I’m gaining experience managing simultaneous automated email drip journeys.

and Measure.

Taking a data driven approach is at the core of my philosophies with marketing. Using stats from platforms, google analytics, awstats to enable

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