The challenges behind electric vehicle infrastructure

In 2019, electric vehicles accounted for 7.4% of total passenger car registrations in the UK. For an ever-more environmentally conscious population, this presents a very low number. Electric vehicles are often seen as a next step, or even a solution for greener transportation. Indeed, electric vehicles are becoming a more accessible option for an increasing number of consumers, and getting closer to a wider public adoption.

Sharing technical knowledge at Codethink

Originally posted here Codethink’s culture stems from the world of open source software. A large part of what it means to be a Codething is taking part in the sharing of knowledge across the company and learning on a daily basis. This practice drives the development of understanding in different areas of software, programming andContinue reading “Sharing technical knowledge at Codethink”

A horror film that made me think

I recently saw IT: Chapter 2. It was scary. But as the title to this blog post suggests, the jump scares weren’t the main thing I took away from the film. I write this as a reminder to myself, and this may be a ramble, but the intent is that it will provoke positive thought.Continue reading “A horror film that made me think”